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About vajbTV

Channel Background

In September 2012 I felt that I'd try out Livestreaming my gaming to see what it was about, with NHL just released the choice of game was easy. Since then streaming has been a bit on and off depending on life and if you actually had something worth playing.

Streaming has been focused on sport games like NHL, racing like Grid 2, iRacing and last but not least Dirt Rally that's on Early Release in 2015, to be released in 2016. At the time of writing we've been pushing it hard since April 2015 even though some breaks been taken along the road.

The Dream

The goal of all this is clear - somewhere down the road I want to be partnered with Twitch to see where I can take this channel and I intend to put all my effort into this channel to get there. All my life I've been looking for what I really wanted to do and been doing whatever that can keep me afloat while finding out what that particular thing is.

It. Is. This.

About Me

At the point of writing I've turned 36 years of age and live with my fiancé (engaged in Sep '15) and three kids, two daughters and one son (born Sep '15) in the country-side in Sweden with our dog and cat. My sparetime interest has been gaming, hardware and computer stuff in general ever since I was a kid and I don't expect it to change anytime soon. When I took up streaming and could mix that gaming up with being social with new and old friends it completed the circle for me, it's great!

During the summer I also love to grab myself a ride on my Z1000 '10 or heading out in the woods on my mountainbike and if there's sufficient snow on the winter half of the year slalom of snowboarding ain't too far off.

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I would say, that I have one of the best chats on Twitch, pretty solid people in there with a twisted sense of humour but lots of heart. Love them all and wouldn't trade them away for anything!


When I'm streaming I put the most emphasis on viewer interaction and having fun myself to entertaining my audience. As often as possible if the game allows I'll gang up with my viewers and play games!


What you will primarily find on this channel is Racing, Hockey and shooters - mostly multiplayer stuff but also the occasional single player adventure game. I am a variety gamer at heart so that will reflect upon my gaming.

Streaming Schedule

I tend to start my streams at about the same time every day after the kids have been put to sleep and you finally get some alone time. A stream would last between 3 and 5 hours on average and longer if possible. I will try to consistently stream 5 days a week for the moment and anything more than that should be considered a bonus! :)

All times posted are in Stockholm, Sweden times. You can check out my local time here and then calculate when you should be planning to watch from that. :) -1 hour in the UK, +1 in finland, 6-8 hours over in the US and like +12 hours down in New Zeeland.


21.00 CEST + 3-5
Most likely streaming Dirt Rally (or any other racing) or NHL unless something special planned!


No Stream planned but spontaneous streams may happen!


21.00 CEST + 3-5 Hours
In the future when we've passed the point of partnership we'll dedicate sundays to Subscriber streams of some kind!



Old School Moderator

Our Canadian linguistics professor Oodles found his way onto the channel in spring 2013 through his love of NHL and has been a good friend ever since!


Moderator / Server Administrator

Summer 2013 was also the point in time where our personal dane, friend and general administrative figure came on board while I was focusing on GRID 2. A bit on and off throughout the years but is now a (small) rock to lean on in our midst. A hard rock sometimes when he's in a raging mood. Has no problems with letting the ban-hammer swing!


Moderator / Hardware Purchase Advisor

During that summer of 2013 while playing GRID 2 fairly hardcore Timb found his way in here through Mysla who thought we had similar traits, ehm. This Murican has been a constant ban-hamme in the channel ever since, thanks Mysla for getting him here to make me spend my money I wouldn't have found a hole for otherwise! ;)



Joined the channel slightly before Timb during the GRID 2 Era and was responsible for reeling in Timb, responsible for the Female force in the channel. Responsible for chocolate. So many responsibilities to shoulder as the single female face on the Mod team, but she does it so well.



Washamacoolme is also one of those guys that kinda got stuck with me in the GRID 2 era of 2013, but at that point under another name, "Mricantseemyfeet". This overly friendly german has a nack for strange nicknames but even so he is a really friendly guy, that turns evil as soon as he sees mischief in the chat and goes ban-haywire.






Once a lurker, always a lurker? Not really, this little 'ol hairless Fin never said a word until we de-lurked his ass and now we can't get him to shut the trap. Jokes aside though, he loves his NHL almost as much as he loves the channel and has a heavy ban-hammer aswell (pattern anyone?)


Moderator / Support Hot Line

If I could pick one individual amongst everyone I've ever known, this Bavarian fella' is probably the one that wouldn't hurt a fly. Always trying to see the good in people. Been with us since december '14 and not sure if he's found the ban-hammer yet, but I guess we need him badly to balance things a bit.





If you for some reason need to get in contact with me and the Twitch chat is not a medium you'd like to use I can recommend PM:ing me on Facebook, Twitter or just simply installing Discord and join our server where you can participate in chats, voice chats and PM me directly. All the networks are reachable by the widgets below. See you in there!

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